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The market demand of medical devices in the grass areas will grow rapidly
Author:未知 Date:2015-06-19

Medical devices, alone or in combination refers to any instrument, apparatus, appliances, materials or other items, including the required software. In the global medical device market, the United States, Western Europe, Japan manufacturers has competitive advantage. Among which the United States ranked industry leader, its medical device industry sales accounted for 40.10 percent in the global, followed by Western Europe, accounting for 32.80%, Japan accounted for 10.90%, China accounted for about 2.90%, other countries and regions accounted for 13.30%.

Our country has been able to produce include medical equipment, optical equipment, ultrasound equipment, laser equipment, radiology equipment, medical imaging equipment, surgical instruments, sterilization equipment, refrigeration equipment, and artificial organs, medical polymer materials products, sanitary materials, etc. But compared with other countries, China's medical device industry overall technical level is in the lower level.

Under stimulate of market demand and the background of China's steady economic development, China's medical devices developed rapidly.

Currently, the medical equipment is mainly used in medical and health institutions. Therefore, the regional distribution of medical equipment and health care institutions nationwide distribution are closely related.

The current medical equipment overall level of China's medical institutions is still very low. The replacement process is a demand for the release process, will ensure the rapid growth of the next 10 years or even longer period in the Chinese medical device market.

Qianxun Consulting pointed out in "Chinese medical device market research and investment outlook report" that in the future, the medical device market demand in the grass area will grow rapidly. Focus on developing a number of proprietary, high performance, high quality, low cost, and mainly rely on imports of basic medical equipment products to meet the needs of the primary health care system and routine clinicaldiagnosis.

oteworthy trend is that the previous low-end of the primary care market is mainly done by domestic companies, and now the situation is that foreign companies began to penetrate the low-end market, or even three or four line cites, enter the primary hospitals and private hospitals, which is under the guarantee of high-end medical equipment market situation . Philips, for example, the company’s basic health services focuses on second-class hospital, county hospitals, township hospitals and private hospitals. The company has around 120 engineers, more people will be directly recruited in third and fourth line markets.